Treasure of the Rudras

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Treasure of the Rudras (?????? Rudora no Hih??, lit. "Treasure of Rudra") is a role-playing video game released by Square in 1996, and the company's last developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. While gameplay in many aspects follows the traditional Square RPG model similar to the better known Final Fantasy series, it also had an innovative magic system, where spells are freely constructed according to words written out by the player.

The plot incorporates elements from Indian religions, centrally the concept of the wheel of time - every 4000 years the world is destroyed and recreated by a Rudra - the name taken from an aspect of the Hindu god of destruction, Shiva. With several races of beings already eradicated and replaced, the story takes place during the final 15 days before humans are scheduled to be wiped out as well.

It was released on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan on June 7, 2011 and the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan on December 2, 2015.


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